Josh Ruben Wants To Make A New Darkman Movie – Could Liam Neeson Return?

MOVIE NEWS – In an interview with Fangoria, director Josh Ruben talked about his desire to make a Darkman movie.



Josh Ruben is a CollegeHumor alumnus who has since gone on to write and/or direct his own films. His directorial debut was the original Shudder film Scare Me, in which Ruben also starred alongside Aya Cash. Ruben recently sat down with Fangoria’s Into the Void to discuss several topics, including Ruben’s interest in directing a new Darkman film.

“Correct, and I’m here to tell you my plan is to sell a thrilling superhero horror movie with heart to Universal Pictures…”

“…and hoodwink them all – remaking Bergman Island, but with [Liam] Neeson returning as Westlake and [Frances] McDormand back as Julie Hastings. It’ll be positively career-ruining.”

Recently, Liam Neeson expressed interest in reading the script for a new Darkman movie. Asked if the planets are aligned, Josh Ruben replied that Neeson is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to jokes.

Josh Ruben discussed his career and the other projects he is working on. This includes producing and writing, with various (hopefully) entertaining films currently in the planning stages. Meanwhile, Ruben will play a serial killer in a separate project for Travis Stevens (Girl on the Third Floor).

“I’m juggling a lot. Hell, some might say I have a problem.”

“I just produced our buddy Noah Segan’s directorial debut, rewrote a slasher I’m dying to direct, wrote a vicious ‘lil thriller my fiance Lauren Sick is directing, knocked out a fifth draft of a Scare Me spin-off, and perhaps the most fun thing on my plate, co-writing something very funny, scary and kinda sweet with Freaky writer, Michael Kennedy. Monday, I leave for Whittier, Alaska, to act in a supernatural indie. Most pressing, though, I gotta figure out what the #!@$*!! to wear to the Tribeca premiere of A Wounded Fawn. Shout out to Travis Stevens for casting me as a charming serial killer. Wonder where he got that idea….”

Josh Ruben and the Void also talked about his new film, Werewolves Within, which has been a hit with horror, lycanthropes and video game fans alike. Ruben also listed all the adult werewolf material he read before directing the film.

Source: Fangoria

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