Hard West 2: Open Beta Has Started; Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Hard West 2, an intriguing turn-based strategy adventure game, is set in a wild west filled with supernatural forces.



Good Shepherd Entertainment and Ice Code Games are celebrating the launch of Hard West 2’s open beta on Steam this weekend with a new gameplay trailer, which will run until 5 June. This will give PC gamers a sneak peek at the sequel to the turn-based strategy video game that has been played by more than half a million players since its release nearly seven years ago.

The trial offers a small part of the game’s campaign.

The trial version offers a small part of the game’s campaign and introduces players to some of the particular abilities they can acquire on their journey through the dark heart of the West. But if you don’t have time to download the beta, it’s worth checking out the 160-second gameplay trailer for the western, which shows off some of the production’s strengths.

In Hard West 2, players must lead a bizarre band of outlaws in pursuit of the Devil himself across a darkness-ravaged landscape, battling both undead and living forces, in a game that ups the ante in every way from the previous instalment, with a more aggressive combat and strategic approach thanks to the new and unique “Bravado” mode.

 The developers also promise a special card mini-game and the possibility to manage your bandit team.

What does this mean? As we wrote earlier, “as we make more kills, we can activate the Bravado state, which allows us to reload our action points. By stringing together stylish kills, we can extend this duration.” Hard West 2’s trailer suggests, there will be no shortage of stylish carnage, with occult abilities and tricks such as teleportation available alongside the traditional weaponry.

In addition, the developers promise a special poker-based card mini-game, the ability to micromanage your bandit team, and dynamic, cinematic action sequences. If you’re interested in seeing what’s been achieved so far, head over to Steam and join the beta tester community!

Source: Steam

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