Is Titanfall 3 Secretly In The Works?

The third instalment of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall could be on pre-order in several German GameStop stores…


A post on Reddit went viral over the weekend. Supposedly, it’s possible to pre-order Titanfall 3 at several GameStops in Germany, but the problem is that these boxes were already in stores in 2019. We’ll have to look deeper to get a clearer picture of the series’ future, neglected since 2016 (true, Apex Legends is set in the same universe, but that’s beside the point).

There was a big Nvidia GeForce Now leak earlier. In this list, you can find everything developers and publishers have announced since then, so 100% accuracy is tied to it. The list included Titanfall 3, but there are two problems with the German GameStop deal. Firstly, Reddit users have been sharing images for months, and secondly, pre-orders can’t officially start until Electronic Arts officially announces the game.

A GameStop employee wrote, “I work at GameStop in Germany. This is not a case of ‘probably means nothing.’ This 100 per cent means nothing. We have pre-orders going back to 2019, and in case you’re wondering, yes, they will be honoured if it eventually releases.” (Then we should ask why are there pre-orders for the game? Are they hoping there will be people who will forget all about it?)

Respawn Entertainment is almost sure to do nothing with the IP, as it and the studio are owned by Electronic Arts, so if Andrew Wilson’s team doesn’t give the nod, there will be nothing. Titanfall 2 didn’t sell well enough in 2016 (maybe it shouldn’t have been released too close to Battlefield 1), so there’s not much chance of a sequel, whatever Respawn posted on Twitter in September (whatever anyone else says, Titanfall is at the heart of the studio’s DNA, and who knows what the future holds).

So let’s not get our hopes up.

Source: PSL

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