Saints Row Reboot: More Details Leaked

A few abilities, perks, and details have been leaked, and Volition may not be too happy about it…


Tom Henderson has been leaking on almost everything lately (no joke, we hear from him every week at the current rate) and has now revealed new details from the Saints Row Reboot. At first, it might have seemed like the game would be less chaotic, giving it more of a consolidated experience, similar to the open-world titles from Rockstar and Ubisoft, but based on the leaks, you better believe the craziness won’t be lacking this time around either.

According to Henderson, the new Saints Row is trying to keep us in action with the Flow system. If we kill and destroy continuously, the Flow streak will grow, activating more powerful abilities. Our character and vehicle health can also improve depending on how much chaos we cause, meaning Volition uses the system to make the gameplay as aggressive as possible.

Henderson unveiled two abilities. With Surprise, we can surprise our opponents: throw a grenade into their pants, then throw them into the pack of the rest, and get a big explosion as a reward. The Flaming Uppercut is what it says on the tin, sending your victim flying into the air. Ninja drops a smoke bomb so we can get away from our opponents. We also learned about three perks. Basic gives you minor gameplay improvements in specific scenarios: moving faster while crouching or aiming down the sights. Advanced gives you more benefits: a 50% HP recharge during execution or a particular percentage increase in Flow. And Ultimate is almost in the ridiculous category (you can call rockets).

The new fast travel system lets you open points by taking pictures of interesting things. You can find drug stashes, dumpster dive, or even participate in multiple crimes (dead bodies disguised as if they died in an accident). After launch, multiplayer is planned for later, but even Henderson isn’t sure about that. None of those above is official.

Saints Row Reboot is launching on August 23 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: WCCFTech

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