PlayStation Plus: PS1 And PS2 Games Run Like Trash! [VIDEO]

We’re talking about games designed for hardware released over two decades ago, so we have to report it.


PlayStation Plus has been converted in several countries in Asia, but we’ll have to wait until June 22. The new model will allow you to run PS1 and PS2 games locally. These are pretty old consoles. We can reasonably expect the PlayStation 5 and even the PlayStation 4 to run older titles flawlessly. Well, an analysis by ElAnalistaDeBits shows the opposite is true. And we’re just shaking our heads (so it wasn’t enough that they put in the PAL version of Ape Escape, for example, which runs at 50 FPS instead of 60 for the NTSC version, there are even more issues!?).

The PlayStation 1 games run at 1440p resolution, downscaled to 1080p on the regular PlayStation 4, as the PS4 doesn’t support higher resolutions. The video below compares the PlayStation 3 version of Jak & Daxter with the PlayStation Plus edition on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5… and the first PS3 consoles (which had Emotion Engine, i.e. native PS2 backwards support) beat the new hardware: the PS3 visuals are better.

And the frame rate? Jak & Daxter often drops down to forty-something FPS, and Toy Story plummets into the thirties region. So there is no stable 60 FPS. Is it lousy optimization, or is Sony emulating the performance drops seen on the original hardware? It’s hard to say. Stable 60 or 30 FPS, that’s what you’d expect from older games these days. Okay, there are new features (rewind gameplay, save states), but these are only available for PS1 and PSP games. We can seeit in the video below.

Yesterday, we reported that Sony had overcharged the stacking PlayStation Plus subscribers to upgrade to the more expensive category. Now, Reddit users are saying that the cost of upgrading to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium has been quietly reduced for Asian players. Let’s hope that this is how the system will start in Europe by default. Sony at least confirm that it was a glitch, but knowing them, you never know what the plan was below…

And finally, another game has popped up for rating: the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has evaluated Resistance: Retribution, developed by SIE Bend Studio (Days Gone!) for PSP, which came out in 2009, for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It is a clear indication that it will be part of the new PlayStation Plus offering

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech, Gematsu

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