Has the Release Date of the PlayStation Cat Game Stray Been Leaked Online?

A PlayStation database update has leaked the release date for the cat adventure game Stray, which is set to be released in July this year.


BlueTwelve Studio made waves among PlayStations fans when the developer revealed the 2020 release date for Stray, which will be an adventure game about controlling a cat in a sci-fi/cyberpunk world. Although Stray has suffered several delays since its initial reveal two years ago, publisher Annapurna Interactive had previously reassured fans that the game was due out sometime this year, with the latest news suggesting that it is due this summer. A new update to PlayStation’s internal database has revealed the final release date for the highly anticipated game.

Launching as a PlayStation console-exclusive title, Stray will plunge players into a world of robots and advanced technology, allowing them to roam the game’s stylised world as furry cats. Paired with a drone to complete various tasks, players roam the city, solving puzzles and avoiding would-be predators. At the same time, the game often takes advantage of its protagonist’s smaller size to create unique puzzles such as crawling through air ducts and traversing the city. Now that rumours are circulating about the game’s release window, the PlayStation database suggests that the game is only a few months away.

An update to PlayStation’s database, reported by popular PlayStation content aggregator PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, shows that Stray’s release date will finally be July 19 this year, with a release time of 8 am. While the account was quick to remind excited fans that the date could just be a placeholder in the PlayStation database, the July date would coincide with the rumoured Summer 2022 release window after Sony had previously confirmed that the game would be delayed until its “early 2022” release window.

Stray’s release would come in the summer months at a time when Sony is relatively quiet on the major release front, as many of the platform’s most significant currently confirmed upcoming dates fall later in the year. While the autumn is home to several big titles like Sonic Frontiers and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a release in the summer months would put Stray’s unique style of adventure game in the spotlight, without many big releases alongside it.

While Stray seems to be well on its way to finally revealing a long-awaited release date, the cat game has had a bumpy road to travel to get there. Following the initial reveal in the summer of 2020, the game’s original October 2021 release window was pushed back to 2022, followed by further delays from the early 2022 release. Stray has suffered several setbacks during its nearly two years in development. Still, the confirmed release date likely means fans won’t have to wait much longer to immerse themselves in the world of cyberpunk from the perspective of adorable cats.

Stray is scheduled for release on July 19 for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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