Has The Fable Reboot Reduced Its Scope?

The game’s senior producer put it all down to “it’s a normal part of game development”…


This week, rumours have been circulating online that Playground Games has scaled back its vision for the Fable reboot. During the latest Xbox News Cast, Game of Daily founder Gaz said, “I have a source that tells me Fable had to be scaled down because the team had trouble with the engine. They couldn’t retrofit the gameplay mechanics into the engine. I think it’s still going forward with the Forza Tech engine. One of the many issues is that they didn’t have the expertise in the open-world gameplay for different mechanics. Nothing to worry about, but it may be further away than you think.”

Then, Amie Loake, Fable’s senior producer, responded to the rumours on Twitter: “I wanted to clear something up about scoping; it is a normal, necessary, and healthy part of game development. I can guarantee that every AAA game you’ve ever played will have gone through regularly scoping during development. It intends to make sure the team focuses on one clear vision and can get it made in the time they have without killing themselves. Games that haven’t been scoped correctly often have delays and crunch. Both we should be aiming to avoid whenever possible.”

It is not clear from this response that they tried to take too big of a but, which is why there is a question mark in the title, as no conclusions can be drawn with 100% certainty. That being said, Playground Games has several job offers, but let’s not forget that an ex-Playground developer recently complained about the slow development of Fable for Xbox Series and PC, which has no release date yet (and is developed without its creator, Peter Molyneux, who nowadays prefers to push NFTs).

The official announcement came in July 2020, but there were already rumours of development in 2018. They’re not progressing very well.

Source: WCCFTech

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