Nightdive Studios Wants To Remaster Unreal

It’s understandable: Quake got a similar treatment from the team last year: why not take the FPS that launched the Unreal Engine and make something more modern?


In 2021, Nightdive Studios put together a Quake remaster that brings 4K and widescreen display support, better character models, dynamic and more colourful lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, and new maps courtesy of MachineGames to the classic FPS. The original soundtrack has also returned, with Trent Reznor’s tunes back after the copyright license expired, but also a new theme song, which Reznor composed. Best of all, anyone who had the original Quake got the remastered edition for free…

Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick revealed on Twitter that, following the Quake remaster, Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB) approached Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney on behalf of the studio to see if a similar remaster for Unreal could be arranged. He thinks it would be better to let Sweeney know if we’d like to make it happen, so seeing the demand, Epic Games can perhaps focus on something other than Fortnite (after all, the free-to-play Unreal Tournament Unreal Engine 4 concept was also shut down due to battle royale fever). Bleszinski jumped in with a short response. He said he’s not saying anything for legal reasons, and Sweeney has yet to respond.

While the Unreal series is best known for the multiplayer-focused Unreal Tournament series, the Unreal Championship on Xbox gave it some story mode. The franchise began with a pretty impressive single-player mode. Epic Games showed what the then-amazing Unreal Engine was capable of.

And Nightdive Studios is known for several remasters, albeit many of them are running on their proprietary engine, Kex. Most recently, for example, Shadow Man has been remastered, making one of the best games of 1999 available on modern systems (and new consoles!). Soon, they’ll be ready with the System Shock remake…

Source: PCGamer

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