Take A Look At ARK 2: Vin Diesel’s Game Got Spectacular Trailer & Release Date! [VIDEO]

The new action-survival adventure ARK 2 will be available on Xbox Game Pass.



It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about ARK 2 – the new action-survival game set in a dinosaur-dominated world – but the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase has delivered with a new cinematic trailer. But there’s bad news: the Vin Diesel-starring game will not be released in 2022.

In the new short animated trailer, several dinosaurs fight each other until a larger one appears and captures them, while on the creature’s back sits the actor from the Riddick films and the Fast & Furious series.

Sadly, we haven’t learned much more about ARK 2, which is now confirmed to be released in 2023, and that it will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox – but beyond that, there are no specifics yet.

As a reminder, an ARK animated series is also in development alongside the game.

What’s striking is that the game, a year and a half after its official announcement, has settled for yet another cinematic trailer without giving us a look at what the new graphics technology, or anything really, looks like in-game. In any case, we’re hoping for the best and patiently awaiting the Vin Diesel-led dinosaur craze.

Source: Steam

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