An Unofficial PC Port Of Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy! [VIDEO]

The question is when Sony will say to shut it all down before the lawyers come.


Jak And Daxte, or Jak to be more precise, is a franchise that Sony never once considered bringing to PC, as it was a franchise that ran in the 2000s. It was essentially a new attempt by Naughty Dog, having left Crash Bandicoot behind them but not yet moved on to more serious IPs (compared to Uncharted and The Last of Us, players were greeted with a somewhat cartoony style and visuals). So if you wanted to play it, you had to invest in a PlayStation (PS2, PSP, PS3…).

However, there hasn’t been an official PC port since then. SteveBH shared a video on Twitter of the first Jak running on PC. Not via emulation (PCSX2 emulator), but natively and even enhanced with new settings in the port. However, the port using the OpenGL renderer lacks audio, so we still have to report a shortcoming in this area. The plan is still for Jak II and Jak 3 to get a PC port, which will be exciting because they are technically more advanced games and are also far more significant than the first.

The devs wrote, “This project is to port Jak 1 (NTSC, “black label” version) to PC. Over 98% of this game is written in GOAL, a custom Lisp language developed by Naughty Dog. Our strategy is: decompile the original game code into human-readable GOAL code; develop our compiler for GOAL and recompile game code for x86-64; create a tool to extract game assets into formats that can be easily viewed or modified; create tools to repack game assets into a format that our port uses.”

The port can be downloaded from Github. You need to have the original PS2 game because that’s what the port unpacks the assets (e.g. textures, models) from.

Source: WCCFTech

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