Oppenheimer, the Story of the Father of the Hydrogen Bomb, Comes with a Star-Studded Parade

MOVIE NEWS – After World War II’s Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan (Origins, Among the Stars, Batman: It Begins!) has made another historical film. Oppenheimer is the story of the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, who later sought the same strict controls on the military use of his invention as did the developers of the Hiroshima bomb, Leo Szilard and Ede Teller.


The film is now finished after almost six months of shooting, but the best is yet to come: Nolan is known for his ability to work for a year on post-production work on his productions, and he will do so again.

Oppenheimer stars Cillian Murphy (Burmingham’s Gangs) in the title role, who has a good working relationship with the director, having worked together on Dunkirk, Origin and the Batman trilogy. Emily Blunt plays the scientist’s wife Kitty, while Matt Damon plays General Leskie Groves, who ran the nuclear programme. Robert Downey Jr. plays the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Lewis Strauss, and Benny Safdie as Ede Teller.

Oppenheimer follows the scientist from his university years until he began his experiments with the new atomic bomb in the Arizona desert.

The production looks like a strong biopic, which is what the Oscars like to award.

(Oppenheimer – domestic release: 20 July 2023)


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