A Cancelled Kojima Project Looked Too Much Like An Amazon Series!

Kojima Hideo has ideas (and can’t be faulted for that: anyone with a creative mind will always be mentally “spinning” on something).


Metal Gear’s and Death Stranding‘s creators took to Twitter and wrote “THE BOYS, which I quit after three episodes of season 1. I thought I’d watch the rest of the show. I watched a few episodes delivered when I was about to start a project that I had been warming up for a long time and put it on hold because the concept was similar (different settings and tricks). A buddy (male/female) thing with a special detective squad facing off against legendary heroes behind the scenes. I was thinking of Mads [Mikkelsen] as the lead.”

It’s worth noting that The Boys was created by Eric Kripke and based mainly on the comic book series of the same name published between 2006 and 2012 (with Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson behind it), which featured vigilantes fighting those who overused their supernatural powers. The Boys debuted on Amazon Prime Video at the end of July 2019, so it could have possibly been Kojima’s next project after Death Stranding. Since Kojima Productions no longer wants to focus solely on games (their studio opening in Los Angeles is a sign of it), who knows which sector of multimedia the Japanese genius would have turned to.

But now we know that Kojima is working with Xbox on a cloud-based game (and Death Stranding 2 is almost certainly in the works). Although not officially announced, it was leaked days before the announcement that the game would be called Overdose and that the horror game would star Margaret Qualley, seen in Death Stranding. Tom Henderson, a trusted insider, saw a video of it, and the Japanese studio contacted him to remove the video, so there may be something behind it.

A cooperative Kojima game… would be interesting.

Source: VGC

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