Maisie Williams is Open About Arya Stark’s Return in the Game of Thrones Spinoff

MOVIE NEWS – Maybe we didn’t last see Arya Stark in the last episode of the Battle for Thrones? The actress would be open for another cast.

News has recently surfaced that a Battle of the Thrones sequel is being made at HBO. In the planned series, which has not yet been given the green light, Kit Harington would again play the role of Jon Snow. This news surprised many, as previously it was rumoured that the spinoffs under development were all background films.

Since the story of the Battle of the Thrones could potentially continue with the Jon Snow series running under the title Jon Snow, the other stars in the original series also spoke. Emilia Clarke revealed that Snow was personally developed by Harington and confirmed the series as she talked to her about it. Gwendoline Christie also said she was excited about the news and would “enjoy” the opportunity to return as Tarth Brienne if HBO asked.

In a new interview with People, Maisie Williams also joined her former co-actors and shared her excitement about the Jon Snow series. Williams also praised Harington and said she was looking forward to the spinoff. She’s happy with the news because she feels there are still “so many stories” left to be told in the Battle of Thrones universe involving the survivors of the original series.

“Everything surrounding the story of the Battle of the Thrones is fascinating. We had such a rich series, and we still have so many stories to tell. I think it’s exciting, and Kit is a phenomenal actor. I think everything that it touches is magical, and I look forward to seeing it.”

Continuing the Battle of the Thrones in a sequel story raises the possibility of Williams returning as Arya Stark. But would he be willing to replay the role, perhaps in his own spinoff series, if not in the Jon Snow spinoff? Williams told the People he was open to the idea of ​​“never say never,” but that would depend on getting the right idea for Arya’s return, and he’s not quite sure she’s going there yet. Explaining that she is still learning who Arya really is.

“This is obviously a fascinating prospect, so never say never. I still learn a lot from the fans I meet … and they always tell me the parts of the series they love, the parts of the series that were significant. For them and the parts of Arya’s journey that were significant to them, so I feel like I’m learning all this for the first time, so I’m still trying to put together what I think it should be, what I think would make people happy, and what I think would be fulfilment if I made some kind of transition. We can’t do the same thing we’ve done so far – it must be new. But what are the parts we want to take with us, and what are the ones we’d do differently? So I think I’ll still discover that.” 

Time will tell if Arya Stark will return, but many fans clearly want that to happen.

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