What Will Be In The PlayStation VR2’s Box? A Fake Leak!

We’re not just talking about the virtual reality headset (after all, we’ll be paying who knows how much for that, as Sony hasn’t yet announced the price of PSVR2…), but also the cable, for example, or its length…


Sony has already started marketing the PlayStation VR2, but one significant factor has been left out of the press material. The cable – how long will it be? A picture leaked by an indie studio could shed some light on it, and we also found out what we’ll get in the box with the headset when we pay at least $/€300 for it (there’s no way it’ll be cheaper than 300; the first model launched in October 2016 opened with a price of 400!).

Reddit has saved the image below, which shows the PlayStation VR2 and the cable itself, for example. Sony hasn’t yet said a single word about its length, but Reddit reckons it will be longer than the original PlayStation VR cable (which is 4.4 metres long). You won’t see any volume control buttons or sliders on the cable so you might control the volume directly from within the PlayStation VR2.

And the new Sense controllers come with wrist straps. As well as the PlayStation VR2 and the two Sense controllers, the bundle may include a couple of other cables. One could be a USB cable, presumably to charge the Sense controllers. The contents of the second bag are hard to guess. It could be another USB cable or a pack of simple earplugs for the headset. As the PlayStation VR2 doesn’t have onboard sound, you’ll need to connect earphones or a headset to it using a 3.5mm stereo plug.

The indie studio that leaked the image (Bit Planet Games) has since removed the photo from Twitter. Still, since they’ve reposted that they’re bringing Ultrawings 2 to PlayStation VR2, it’s almost a given that they’re involved in development. And as for the headset itself, we don’t even know if it’ll hit stores this year or in early 2023…

And here’s the twist. The studio says it’s fake.

Source: PSL

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