The Master of Dark Thrillers, M. Night Shyamalan, Got Scared from His Own Film

MOVIE NEWS – M. Night Shyamalan, who made his name with The Sixth Sense at the time, and further enhanced his reputation with the Invulnerable trilogy, is coming out with another tense thriller. (Invulnerable, Shattered, Glass).


His new film, Knock at the Cabin, is also a tense thriller, but so much so that the director himself was startled by one of the scenes. Shyamalan reported on Instagram that the film is very dark and disturbing, and that one of the scenes shook him terribly. So much so that he had to step aside to collect himself. According to the director’s custom, almost nothing can be known about the story, so far it has only been revealed that after the collapse of civilization, a surviving family receives unexpected visitors, whom they are not happy about. Starring Dave Bautista (Owners of the Galaxy) and Rupert Grint (Harry Potterfilms em>).

(Knock at the Cabin – domestic release: February 2, 2023.)

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