Here’s A Fresh Steelrising Gameplay Trailer: Long Live The (Robot) Revolution! [VIDEO]

On 8 September, Steelrising arrives to finally play with Aegis, the automaton fighting to liberate Paris.



At Nacon Connect 2022, we got another gameplay sneak peek of the highly anticipated Steelrising. The psychological action-RPG title will be released on 8 September. You’ll play as Aegis, an automaton whose goal is to fight for the liberation of Paris. The French capital falls under the rule of King Louis XVI, who wreaks havoc with hordes of automatons under his command.

Many more details of Steelrising have been revealed in the months leading up to the game, but today Nacon decided to treat us to a gameplay trailer showing us how to fight the ‘titanic’ enemies in more detail.

The game is set in Paris during the French Revolution of 1789 to fight against and liberate several automatons.

As you can guess from the above, Steelrising emphasises historical authenticity. It is only due to the shortcomings of historiography that it is not included in textbooks when the plasma cannons of the Bastille vaporised the members of the storming mob into steam, to name but one example. It is time to remedy such omissions in the study of the past.

The player must show his best skills to take on King Louis XVI’s robot army.

The main character, Aegis, was initially built to protect the Queen. The gameplay is very dynamic as it highlights jumps and dodges to combine them with different attacks, typically with multiple weapons. In addition, the use of the hook facilitates the movement of our automaton to reach the most inaccessible places.

The player will be able to choose from different class types: ruthless warrior, ferocious bodyguard, deadly dancer or virtuoso of the elemental arts. You will also have the chance to meet some of the iconic figures of the French Revolution, such as Marie Antoinette, Lafayette and Robespierre.

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