Alan Wake 2 Has “A Monster” Story!

Remedy Entertainment has created quite a story for the sequel to Alan Wake.


Sam Lake (who may be familiar to those who played with the first two episodes of Max Payne, where Lake’s face was transplanted onto the ex-detective abusing painkillers), the creative director of the Finnish team, wrote on Twitter that there is already a stellar cast behind Alan Wake 2.

He said, “Shoots [are] ongoing with our stellar cast of actors. I think we’ve written many pages with Clay Murphy. More than ever (this story is a monster). More to come still after a short summer break from this dark place called the writers’ room.” And he isn’t joking: between Lake and Murphy, there’s an enormous paper tower, and if it wasn’t obvious he was talking about Alan Wake’s sequel, there’s an AW poster just above the paper tower.

The Finnish studio has previously said of the Alan Wake sequel that knowledge of the previous instalments is unnecessary but that the new episode will provide a backstory. We already know that Alan Wake 2 will be Remedy’s first attempt at the survival horror genre. According to the Finns, it will be a profound, multi-layered mystery and give the studio a real opportunity to connect gameplay and story. Incidentally, the game was scheduled to be unveiled earlier this summer, but a demo was cancelled to focus on development. It is understandable: they have a better chance of surprising us later because they can present us with a polished experience by then.

Alan Wake 2 doesn’t have a release date, but it’s likely to be released in 2023. As the game will be published (and funded) by Epic Games, the sequel to the author’s adventures will probably only be available on PC via the Epic Games Store for a year.

Source: PSL

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