The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s PC Port Supports Two More Platforms! [VIDEO]

The most significant surprise is that one of them is a Nintendo console…


The fan-made PC port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 was created by Ship of Harkinian (the name is a reference to King Harkinian, who spoke of a ship in the intro to the Wand of Gamelon game for Philips CD-i). The team has released a new video (Ship of Harkinian Direct, inspired by Nintendo Direct) to give you the latest developments on the long-in-the-works PC port.

The port now runs on Mac OS and Nintendo Wii U (!!!), and new features have been added to the transcript. There’s a free camera mode; you can add hotkeys to the D-Pad to put on items with the press of a button (tunic, shoes), the game can run at up to 250 FPS thanks to 250 Hz support, and there’s an item randomizer mode, plus new cheats. So if you’re bothered by how fragile Link is if he falls, you can remedy that by reducing the fall damage.

The release, dubbed Rachel Alpha, is available on the team’s Discord, and the new features can be seen in the video embedded below. The Ship of Harkinian team reached this situation after two years of work, as the game’s code has been fully decompiled back to the C programming language, which makes it easier to work from. The port now supports HD graphics, ultra-wide screen resolutions, keyboard, modding, force feedback and gyroscopic aiming.

We’ve already written about Banjo-Kazooie’s code-breaking project today (80% done), but these were preceded by Mario 64 in 2019. The Nintendo 64’s opening title then quickly got a bunch of mods: new graphics, ray tracing, and it’s possible that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will follow the same path. Best of all, Nintendo cannot legally stop the project. If they didn’t use the leaked source code, there is no infringement! You need to own a copy of the game to play the port.

Source: VGC

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