A Destiny 2 Streamer Would Have Set Bungie’s Studio On Fire?! The Company Is Suing

A notorious Destiny 2 streamer and cheater has been sued after repeatedly threatening to burn down Bungie’s home studio.



The past twelve months have been a busy time for Bungie’s legal department as the studio steps up its fight against the scammers and serial harassers who play Destiny 2. Several cheating companies have already been busted with lawsuits, such as Ring-1 and Elite Boss Tech, while several cases against alleged ‘toxic’ players are pending or currently in court for harassing development team members. Bungie doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as another allegedly toxic streamer has been sued after repeatedly threatening to burn down the studio itself.

The Destiny 2 streamer in question is Twitch streamer Luca “miffysworld” Leone, who is already notorious in the gaming community as a serial cheater.

According to RetBit, Leone has already received 13 bans from Bungie in 2022 for repeated violations, including using “sock-puppet accounts” to evade bans and posting videos of him actively cheating in Destiny 2.

However, the final straw for Bungie has been a series of alleged threats made by Leone in recent months to several studio and development team members. In its filing, Bungie alleged that Leone had repeatedly threatened to “burn down” the studio’s main office building in Washington state in response to repeated bans. The filing adds that Leone said he intended to move to surrounding neighbourhoods to persecute certain development team members, who Leone allegedly said was “unsafe” in their homes.

At the time of writing, Leone has not yet responded to the lawsuit and has deleted his Twitter account, where he posted the alleged threats. If Bungie wins the case, Leone will have to pay $150,000 for each copyright infringement and $2,500 for each time a Destiny 2 streamer is found to have used cheat software.

Bungie is also asking the court to “permanently ban” Leone from making further threats against the studio and its developers.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Leone, as PlayStation recently closed its $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie, officially making the studio part of PlayStation Studios. This means that if it wants, Bungie can seek legal support and additional resources from PlayStation to help with this and other lawsuits.

Source: RetBit

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