Breaking: Performance Of Nvidia RTX 4000 Is Said To Smash The 3090’s!

TECH NEWS – As Nvidia and AMD prepare for the next generation of GPUs, it seems that one of Ada Lovelace’s GPUs has been put to the test in Remedy’s Control, with stunning results.



Nvidia’s soon-to-be-released Ada Lovelace product line appears to represent a new level in the battle in the GPU arena. As things move forward, more and more leaks and rumours are surfacing, and the latest one about one of the green team’s RTX products gives us a glimpse of the overall performance.

According to a recent tweet from a user named XpeaGPU, reported by Videocardz, it appears that Nvidia’s “full” AD102 was tested in Remedy Entertainment’s 2019 release Control.

If this is true, the performance of the Ada Lovelace card shows the game running at 160+ fps in 4K with ray tracing turned on. According to a post below by a user named hms1193, on average, this soon-to-be-released RTX 4000 card is more than twice as fast as the 3090. It’s unclear exactly which GPU was tested in the game, but Techpowerup says the AD102 chip will likely be used in the 4080 Ti, 4090 and 4090 Ti cards.

Of course, without screenshots or further evidence, we can really only go by XpeaGPU’s word. That aside, it has been speculated before that the Nvidia RTX 4090 could be twice as fast as the 3090. If these rumours are true, the next flagship from the green team could show a significant performance boost even over the high-end Ampere series. These latest developments suggest that it could still be slightly faster, but there is no official confirmation of this yet, so it’s worth treating the rumours with caution for now.

However, the competition seems to be heating up, especially between the two great industry champions.

AMD says that RDNA 3 could be more powerful than Nvidia’s architecture, so everything is there to play for now. Of course, neither tech giant is likely to be too worried about the new fighters in the arena.

Although Intel is gearing up to launch Arc desktop GPUs, it seems to be lagging behind as this product line is only current-generation. In that case, Nvidia and AMD have only each other to worry about, and no doubt, as the weeks go by, we will see more and more leaks about what each of the upcoming hardware might be capable of.

Source: Videocardz, Techpowerup

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