House Of The Dragon: New Face Of The Targaryens Will Be Revealed! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Ryan J. Condal is excited to give fans a glimpse into an era never before seen on television with House of the Dragon.



With less than a month to go until the premiere of HBO’s House of the Dragon, marketing for the series is already at an all-time high. There are incredibly high expectations for the Game of Thrones spinoff, and fans of the original series are hoping that the new series will live up to and even surpass its predecessors (especially the last two seasons, right?)

Of course, that’s a daunting task. Game of Thrones is one of the most successful TV series of all time, nominated for 32 Primetime Emmy Awards in 2019 alone. The series has regularly attracted more than 10 million viewers, with the finale attracting an astronomical 13.6 million viewers. It would be difficult for any filmmaker to continue a series of this magnitude, but the cast and crew of House of the Dragon believe they have created something special.

HBO released a new featurette today after a panel at last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, where the House of the Dragon cast and creators shared their thoughts and excitement.

“It wasn’t just a prequel for prequel’s sake. There was actually a reason to tell the story. The Targaryens are the fascinating dynasty that we don’t really know much about from the original books because at that point they’ve all died out. There was this once great day where there were dozens of Targaryens running around, and a bunch of dragons and they ruled over Westeros. It was a time of peace and prosperity and everybody knew that if you messed with the Targaryens you would get the dragon, so nobody dared to overthrow them.”

As George R.R. Martin himself has previously explained, the characters will make this series really interesting. It’s the way they wobble between their own character flaws and positive personality traits as they try to complete their mission. Knowing Martin’s work, we should be prepared: this time, we will not see ‘black’ or ‘white’ characters but different shades of grey.

The House of the Dragon will premiere next month, on 21 August.

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