Deus Ex Could Return Under Embracer: Is Eidos Determined?

Eidos Montréal, under new ownership, has reportedly set itself no less a task than raising the bar set by Cyberpunk 2077!


Square Enix (which will be in the news later today), the company created by the merger of Square and Enix, has sold off several of its foreign interests, perhaps leading the publisher to fall into Sony’s clutches eventually. But for now, let’s talk about the situation at Eidos Montréal. We know Crystal Dynamics is working on the new Tomb Raider with Unreal Engine 5 (and we’ve written about where to put Lara’s return in age). Still, it’s been pretty quiet around Eidos after they brought Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to Square Enix…

Jeff Grubb, writing for VentureBeat, spoke on his latest Game Mess Mornings show about how the studio could be preparing for a return of Deus Ex (having developed Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided), as Embracer Group is also more open around Adam Jensen. And the Quebec-based studio is determined to achieve in sci-fi RPGs what Cyberpunk 2077 failed to do…

According to rumours, Grubb says it’s too early to talk about it, but that’s what the studio has decided to do. Who knows what will come of the idea, but it’s a safe bet that the studio never even had a chance to talk about a Deus Ex IP under Square Enix. While all of it sounds good on paper, let’s not forget what Jason Schreier, writing for Bloomberg, mentioned on the ResetEra forum: he thinks that Eidos Montreal’s most advanced-in-development project was about a new IP, so he sees Deus Ex being out of the question for a long time…

All of it is unofficial, but knowing Embracer’s openness to older content and IPs, what the rumours are saying doesn’t sound any different from their vision…

Source: WCCFTech

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