Better Call Saul Is Not Even Over Yet, But Vince Gilligan’s Already Working On Something New!

MOVIE NEWS – Fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are eagerly awaiting the creative genius’ next television venture.



As Better Call Saul nears the end of its six-season run, Vince Gilligan may be stepping away from the Breaking Bad universe he created with the original series in 2008. Breaking Bad won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, and Better Call Saul received a total of 46 Emmy nominations, including seven for its final season this year. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which won four Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Television Movie, was also a hit with fans and critics.

Given the franchise’s popularity, it was only natural that fans were eager to see what Gilligan would work on next.

We have some details about his sequel series thanks to Deadline’s report. They claim that the series will be a completely original idea and will be a far cry from the Breaking Bad world. Instead, it will be more akin to Gilligan’s previous work, The X-Files, where he focused on the human condition, exploring similar themes of reality bending while showing the tendencies of humanity.

The series is described as a mixed, mundane yet mystical genre drama similar to The Twilight Zone. Set in our world, with a few twists, it focuses on humans and explores the human condition in unexpected and surprising ways.

Gilligan’s work already has 8-9 channels lined up to hear it. The creator has written a piece of material that will be linked to the pitch, giving viewers an idea of the world and tone he’s building. Deadline reports that the series will take place over several seasons, with a more far-reaching story thread. In any case, fans will be pleased with whatever Gilligan decides to do with his next project, as he is one of the most beloved TV creators of the past few decades.

Gilligan has admitted that he wants to leave the world of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, at least for now. In a blog post for AMC, Gilligan conveyed his passion for past projects while sharing his excitement about what he’ll be working on next.

“I’m working on something new. I’m going to be pitching it soon and it could not be more different than Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.”

“I’m hoping it sells and I’m hoping people like it. You just never know, but I’d be very excited to see it get made. I guess secretly in my heart of hearts I’d like to revisit Breaking Bad at some point, but I think it would have to be years from now. I think I need to prove to myself I’m not a one-trick pony.”

Source: Deadline, AMC

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