Detroit: Become Human with Leslie Nielsen from Naked Gun is Funny as Hell [VIDEO]

Detroit: Become Human 2 and a half times better if you include Leslie Nielsen! Mashup master eli_handle_b mixed David Cage’s dramatic sci-fi video game with clips of Nielsen’s performances in The Naked Gun.


Detroit: Become Human is a dramatic metaphor for racism and one of Quantic Dream’s best games. Police Squad is a humorous TV series that got off to such a bad start that it was cancelled after just six episodes but then inspired a successful film trilogy. In other words, they couldn’t be more different, so of course, YouTuber eli_handle_b decided it would be best to conflate them in a bizarre two-minute video clip.

The result is clearly more Naked Gun than David Cage: a dramatic hostage scene with Drebin as a Naked Gun cop on a rooftop, followed by an opening scene inspired by the same film that can only be described as magically idiotic. (Just so you know, this applies to both the movie and the mashup.) The melee is from the very first episode of the Police Squad series.

The mix is ​​very well done, although the humor is probably more appreciated by Bare Pistol fans – of which I am definitely one – than by those who think it’s all stupid.


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