Rockstar Removed A Grand Theft Auto Developer’s Prototype Videos!

According to Mike Dailly, his older footage recorded during development has been removed from YouTube by Rockstar and Take-Two…


Dailly was one of the founders of DMA Design (the Dundee-based studio that became Rockstar North) and admittedly worked on previous Grand Theft Auto titles, so he has a lot of insider information about the games he worked on. Except it doesn’t look like Rockstar and Take-Two are allowing ANY of the prototype material to be released, as Dailly wrote on Twitter:

“I see Rockstar are going full fuckers mode again, issuing copyright strikes to any Grand Theft Auto video they can find – including both my prototype videos. So now they’re trying to block all release of anyone’s work on a game – and any old development footage.” This removal isn’t related to Grand Theft Auto VI; it’s about the older episodes. It’s unlogical to remove such historical footage.

In response to the copyright (DMCA) claims, Dailly took action, but not in a way that would benefit us. He added in another tweet: “For those asking – yes, I’ve now removed all Grand Theft Auto developer stuff. Only direct examples of my work are left – work that was never used in GTA, but “inspired” parts of its evolution. You can thank Rocksuck.”

Documentation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s creation is rare, but several developers have published behind-the-scenes footage on the subject over the years. One of the videos in question shows an original build of Grand Theft Auto from the mid-90s. Back then, DMA Designs was known for the Lemmings franchise. Dailly’s comment suggests that now Rockstar is out to get developers to erase the past.

The first two Grand Theft Auto’s weren’t even three-dimensional, so we don’t understand what Take-Two’s problem is with showcasing older material…

Source: VGC

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