Flashback 2 Is Also Not Coming When We Wanted It To

Microids has also joined the ever-expanding group, which plans to launch its games in 2023 instead of 2022…


Let’s see how the French publisher explains the delay: “Greetings. We have important news to share today regarding Flashback 2’s launch. First and foremost, allow us to thank you all for your patience and your support. Our team is working hard to deliver an adventure matching players’ expectations for this famous franchise dear to our hearts for over three decades.

Initially planned for winter 2022 on consoles and PC, we decided to push the game release back to 2023. A more accurate launch date will be shared at a later time. We are deeply thankful for your understanding and hope the experience will please all gamers worldwide. We will keep you up to date regularly about the development progress.”

Back in June (when Microids announced the planned winter release date so far), we summarised what the game is all about: “Microids is behind the project (which isn’t that surprising since many IPs from the Francophone world are associated with them these days). Cuisset has been waiting a long time for this one: in 1989, at Delphine Software International (DSI), he had his first original game with story and programming work in Future Wars, followed by Flashback three years later. This movie-like platformer was also created by DSI and designed by Cuisset. He later worked on several games of varying quality (Shaq Fu, Time Commando, Moto Racer series, Darkstone, Mister Slime, Amy, Subject 13…), but now, he’s returning to Flashback.

Cuisset’s studio, VectorCell, put together the remake of the first episode for X360, then PS3 and PC in 2013, under Ubisoft’s publishing. However, now another French company is looking after the IP. After defeating the Master Brain in the previous episode, Conrad and his allies face the Morphs species again, threatening all civilizations. Adding insult to injury, Conrad’s best friend Ian is being kidnapped in front of him… Another dirty trick from the Morphs? It will be up to you to find out who did it and their motivations…

Developed in close collaboration between Paul Cuisset’s team and Microids Studio Lyon, Flashback 2 will welcome players to discover a new story blending action, puzzles and infiltration. This adventure will take you to familiar places like Neo Washington or the Jungle and new locations like Neo Tokyo or a mysterious space station. To work on this sequel and pay tribute to the original game, Paul Cuisset brought back some team members like game designer Thierry Perreau and the composer of the famous Amiga soundtrack, Raphael Gesqua.

Flashback was praised for its innovative animation in the early 90s. The team wanted to keep that tradition for this new episode. To achieve their goal, the world-renown stuntman Jamel Blissat (Marvel’s Moon Knight Oscar Isaac body double) was hired to do Conrad B. Hart’s motion capture.”

Flashback 2 will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later in 2023. The Switch version was always planned to arrive next year. It may now come out for all platforms at once.

Source: Gematsu

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