There’s a Big Bloodborne Update Coming, Just Not a PS5 Update?!

A suspiciously timed Bloodborne update has fans hoping for something new at PlayStation Showcase. FromSoftware has confirmed in-game that Bloodborne will be getting an update relatively soon, with some suggesting it’s linked to the rumoured PS Showcase.


As has been the case for the past few September, many expect Sony to host a full-fledged PlayStation Showcase sometime next month. Of course, the rumours are going in tens when it comes to this, but relatively reliable information puts 8 September on the calendar. This should be treated with caveats, like all leaks, but a PlayStation Showcase on 8 September makes some sense. Of course, there are plenty of events in the coming weeks, so while they may be close, Sony may be trying to get ahead of Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Ubisoft Forward, etc.

Fans can rightfully expect the release of God of War Ragnarok, perhaps more information on the PS5’s DualSense Edge controller, and a host of other games spanning from this fall to 2023 (and maybe beyond). However, event after event, there is one thing that fans often hope for. It’s not necessarily more likely that more will be revealed at the reportedly upcoming PlayStation Showcase than ever before. Still, fans expect to see Bloodborne info at PS Showcase after an in-game post.

It’s no secret that fans want Bloodborne to come to PC or get some form of PS5 update to 60 FPS, even if it’s not a true remaster or remake. His name comes up often in such rumours, if only because so many fans are hailing him as one of the best games of the PS4 generation. And the timing of the PlayStation Showcase rumours coincides nicely with the upcoming and seemingly oddly timed update to Bloodborne.

An in-game post confirmed that the game would be down for an update on 31 August, with maintenance lasting around four hours. Players cannot even view Bloodborne offline during the dates listed below.

The fact that Bloodborne is getting an update days before the rumoured PlayStation Showcase could indicate some sort of announcement, or at least that’s what many fans are hoping. If the PlayStation Showcase is also revealed relatively soon, it will only add fuel to the fire. But for now, as with all Bloodborne rumours and PlayStation events, it seems more like wishful thinking.

After all, it’s probably just a coincidence. It’s more likely that this is just a routine database and server maintenance update than anything that points to a PS Showcase reveal. Updates like this happen with all games, and perhaps it’s even more likely for FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games now that they’ve recently restored the online servers for Dark Souls 3. Nevertheless, many are still clinging to this update as a hope that Sony will do something with Bloodborne soon.


Bloodborne is available for PS4, and you can read the review here.

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