The Resident Evil Series Was Cancelled, Lance Reddick, Who Plays Wesker, Commented This In A Video [VIDEO]

CINEMA NEWS – Lance Reddick stars as Albert Wesker in Netflix’s Resident Evil series and thanks fans for supporting the series in a new video message.


The cancellation of Resident Evil at Netflix did not mean much to many after the series’ mediocre viewership and low critical ratings, but star Lance Reddick still wanted to thank many of those involved in a personal message. The actor played the role of Albert Wesker in the series, and although it fit into the mythology of the game, something did not please the viewers, so the inevitable cancellation did not take too long.

Even though fans of the game criticized it to the point of being “boring,” Lance Reddick’s performance as Albert Wesker was considered by some to be one of the best things about the series. In a personal message, Reddick hit back at “haters and trolls” while thanking many of the cast and crew, as well as those who stuck with the series. He put it like this:

“I wanted to make this video because I wanted to give some credit and thanks. As you all know by now, our Resident Evil series on Netflix has been canceled and despite the haters and trolls, I want to give a special thanks to all the fans , who watched the series, who understood what we did and really loved it, because there are a hell of a lot of you. I want to thank our fearless leaders, our showrunners, Mary Leigh Sutton and Andrew Dabb, my co-stars and co-stars, Alba Lescu, Sienna Agudan, Paulo Menies , Tamara Smart, Andline Rudolph, Cana Ducetti. To the executives at Constantine and our executive producer Carla Scully, and to the executives at Netflix who believed in the series, loved it, and who once again understood what we were doing. We worked our guts out, had fun, and a We’ve made one hell of a series. Thank you. Onward and upward.”

A special thanks to the fans who watched #ResidentEvilNetflix, the showrunner, my co-stars, the executives, and more. We worked our guts out and had a great time.


Although competing with Netflix’s behemoth Stranger Things, it didn’t stand a chance at the top spot, so it had to settle for a No. 2 debut. However, it fell out of the top ten after just three weeks, and its fate was pretty much sealed then and there, even if showrunner Andrew Dabb shared some ideas afterwards that are expected to be used in future seasons.

Resident Evil tried something new with the franchise, bringing a multi-time story set in the same universe as the game series, but apart from the inclusion of Albert Wesker, not much was familiar to fans of the game series, and this significantly affected its chances of survival . While many adaptations of popular games have opted to make changes, Resident Evil has been crying out for someone to make a good, faithful adaptation of the early games, but it just seems impossible. Even Welcome to Racoon City, which featured many familiar characters and locations from the first two games in the franchise, failed to please fans.

Season one of Resident Evil is still streaming on Netflix if anyone hasn’t watched it yet. Criticism of the series you can read it here.

Source: Collider

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