Breaking Bad and Nintendo Fan Video of Walt and Jesse Racing in Mario Kart! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The main character of Breaking Bad: Walt leads, but what if Jesse gets a blue shell?


The volatile partnership between Breaking Bad’s Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) reaches new heights in a new fan video that puts pop culture’s most popular meth chefs in a video game. Using creative editing, the video uses footage from the Nintendo Wii game Mario Kart Wii, in which Walt and Jesse race on the infamous Rainbow Road course. The clip went viral after Chiptuner uploaded it to YouTube, and you can watch the video below.

Although Breaking Bad ended in 2013, Walt and Jesse have recently returned to the spotlight after both characters appeared in the final season of the prequel series Better Call Saul. With no new series in the works, there’s a good chance we’ve seen the last of these characters in the world of Breaking Bad. But thanks to the internet, Walt and Jesse will live on forever through Breaking Bad’s place in pop culture history, as new videos like the one above continue to celebrate the dynamic duo.

The city of Albuquerque also got involved in the Breaking Bad celebration, and in a big way. Bronze statues of Walt and Jesse were erected around town, even amid criticism of the fictional drug dealers’ “glorification.” However, many people in the city are very grateful for the production of the series, as working on the series and its spinoff has been very useful to the residents of Albuquerque for years. In any case, the statues make it more obvious than ever that Breaking Bad will always hold its own.

It’s fun to imagine Walt and Jesse in Mario Kart Wii, but there have actually been efforts in the past to give Breaking Bad a legitimate video game adaptation along the lines of Grand Theft Auto. Recently, creator Vince Gilligan revealed on the Inside the Gilliverse podcast that he tried several times to develop a solid video game based on the series, but it was much more difficult than he expected, so the game never materialized as he had hoped.

“Even in the early days [there were video game discussions],” he said. “I’m not a big video gamer, but how do you not know Grand Theft Auto? I remember saying… ‘Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Can’t you get a mod? Can’t it be a Breaking Bad [game]?’ It still makes sense to me. It never materialized.”

Interestingly, Gilligan says that a video game still “makes sense” to him now that Better Call Saul is over. Even if there won’t be a TV series set in this world in the near future, perhaps a video game spinoff will still arrive one day.


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