Silent Hill “Sakura”: Is Konami Preparing Another Project?

And meanwhile, clearer, higher-quality images of the Silent Hill 2 remake have been leaked.


Let’s start with the project codenamed Sakura instead. It could essentially be the route of Hideo Kojima’s unfinished game Silent Hills. Its playable teaser, P.T., has been absent from the PlayStation Store for years (and we wrote about the person who requested this move from Sony), and it appears that its concept artwork has leaked onto the internet. It suggests that it may have a diary-like, bookish theme because behind the main character’s skin, it looks like a book, strange as that sounds. (We remember it from earlier, so it’s not some hoax!)

According to leaks, the Sakura demo could be PlayStation 5 exclusive and was originally due in 2021. We have no idea who is developing it, as Konami hasn’t been making many new PC/console games lately. It was reported by Dusk Golem on the ResetEra forum that there might be significant leaks going on behind the scenes, and story spoilers may be involved. Could its announcement be made during the Tokyo Game Show (possibly showing up on the PlayStation Store)? With ‘E3 Japan’ taking place next week, we’ll find out within days.

But let’s move on to the Silent Hill 2 remake. We posted low-res images of it yesterday, but we’re doing it again for better quality. Dusk Golem has also spoken about it: he says the images are from an internal demo pitch and that the final game may not look like it. VGC has confirmed it, citing their sources, so we’ll likely get something completely different from what we’ve seen so far in James’ retelling of the story…

Bloober Team is reportedly working on this project. According to Dusk Golem, several developers previously worked on the original game at Team Silent, so they could be responsible for making sure the Polish studio doesn’t stray too far from the path they set out on. And concept art has also leaked, and according to Dusk Golem (who previously gave accurate details on Resident Evil Village, for example), it is an older piece by Team Silent artist Masahiro Ito, slightly touched up. He’s seen more but says we should wait for an official announcement. He is cautiously optimistic about the project.

All this is, of course, not official yet…

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech


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