[ND] Bayonetta 3: Game’s Title Announced With Long Gameplay Trailer! [VIDEO]

The eight-minute trailer for Bayonetta 3 gives a detailed look at the game’s combat system.



After the Nintendo Direct livestream teaser, Nintendo has uploaded a much longer trailer for Bayonetta 3, subtitled “Ways of the Witch”. The nearly eight-minute video shows off all the stylish and exaggerated moves that can be performed in the franchise’s latest instalment. We also learn how to control other characters and demons throughout the story.





You can find the trailer for Bayonetta 3: Ways of the Witch – alongside the shorter Nintendo Direct presentation – at the end of this article.

As seen in the trailer for Bayonetta 3, Bayonetta uses the wings of Madama Butterfly to glide. There appears to be no limit to how long she can do this. Returning elements include Witch Time and Infernal Demons. When she summons them, Bayonetta is helpless. But you can switch control between the two to string together combos depending on the situation. Demon Masquerade also lets you meld with them.





You’ll also get to play with a new character, Viola. She uses sword and spear, and instead of activating Witch Time with a dodge, she uses it after a block. Her pact demon is Cheshire; while Cheshire is on the field, Viola cannot block or use her sword.

Bayonetta 3 will be released on October 28, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu, YouTube

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