A Flock Of Sheep Interrupted The Filming Of Mission: Impossible 8, And New Photos of Tom Cruise Paragliding Have Arrived

MOVIE NEWS – Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 8 crew have been forced to pause filming after a flock of sheep appeared in the Lake District in England.

Tom Cruise turned 60 this summer, but he doesn’t look that old, and it’s not like the star to be thinking about retirement, as he’s working hard on Mission: Impossible 8, the second part of the sequel to The Countdown. Filming has been underway in the UK since March, and according to a report, it too has been briefly halted by a sheep’s mouth. However, according to the report, Cruise has not been pissed off at all, even though we know how badly he tolerates that sort of thing.

According to Fox News, the crew were working in the northern part of the country, in an area called the Lake District, when a flock of sheep intervened. Tom Cruise was, of course, paragliding in a black jumpsuit, so he and his colleagues were filming a typical scene when the sheep appeared. Cruise reportedly smiled and watched in admiration as the animals marched away, so he had no problem giving way to the herd of sheep that were passing by the set. Paragliding may also play an important role in the plot, as a viewer reported the same area and scene in August, when he recorded Tom Cruise falling from the top of a hill into the depths with his phone during a walk around a nearby lake. Even then, the star was reportedly quite friendly, even apologising to passers-by for making noise with the helicopter he was being taken up in, and even sharing photos with fans in the area. Below you can also check out some recent, related filming images.

This, of course, will be Mission: Impossible 8, which is scheduled to premiere overseas on June 28, 2024. Before that, however, Mission: Impossible Episode 7, Mission: Impossible – Countdown, Part 1, will be released in the cinemas on 13 July 2023. Here’s a look at the crazy way Tom Cruise introduced the trailer for this one. And it’s clear that it won’t be the second part of the countdown that will be the last for M:I Cruise.

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