G2 CEO Resigns After The Andrew Tate Scandal!

The CEO of one of the most prominent eSports organisations has resigned instead of taking two months of unpaid leave.


Last week, we reported that Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of eSports company G2, shared a video of himself partying with Andrew Tate, a divisive American figure. After Twitter users didn’t respond kindly, he first bluntly stated that he was partying with whomever he wanted. Then, less than a day later, he and G2 both apologised, as Tate and his brother’s villa in Romania was raided by police on charges of human trafficking and rape.

Rodriguez says in a three-minute video on Twitter that he takes full responsibility for what happened over the last few days. He thanked his partners and fans for their support and said, “Remember, we’re samurai. We thrive not because we win, but because we always get back up [after being knocked down]”. Then G2 also released a new statement responding to the company’s response to Rodriguez’s resignation. The company stressed that they do not wish to promote misogyny in any form (which can be said of Tate…) and remain committed to inclusivity to support a diverse player community.

G2 is not a small eSports company. They are in several significant games with their professional teams. Valorant, Counter-Strike and League of Legends are just a few examples, and LoL is relevant, as Rodriguez and Tate celebrate the success of the team playing it in the video. There seem to be other implications now, as Dexerto reported that G2 was not included in the upcoming Valorant league. Still, Riot has not confirmed whether or not it was due to Rodriguez’s actions (but it’s pointless to speculate, as the timing doesn’t seem coincidental).

Someone else will be running G2 after this case so the story may have a happy ending.

Source: PCGamer

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