Silent Hill: The Short Message: Has One Of The Rumoured Game Names Been Revealed?

A name that hasn’t been heard for quite some time has surfaced in the wake of the South Korean age rating.


The last time we officially heard about Silent Hill, Konami was focusing on pachinkos (the Japanese company did the same for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater), so it may come as a surprise that the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has unexpectedly rated a game called Silent Hill: The Short Message. Unfortunately, the evaluation didn’t help much, as the committee didn’t list the platforms, so we don’t know if it’s a mobile (iOS, Android) or a full-fledged (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series) title…

What complicates things is the identity of the publisher. It’s not Konami that is listed here, but Uniana, but they are also linked to the Japanese company, as they are the ones that publish Konami games in South Korea. eFootball 2023, Konami’s soccer game formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer, which has been free-to-play since it was renamed eFootball, is also included in the recent reviews and is published by the same company. It may be a more extensive project because of Uniana, although the subtitle means that it might be a demo. It was the case with the Silent Hills’ teaser, P.T., which was cancelled, and the demo has been unavailable on the PlayStation Store for years.

And the rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message could be linked to the many Silent Hill rumours that have been popping up over the months. It’s possible that this is not the game that has led Konami to partner with Polish developer Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, The Medium), but that it could be another game that the IP could return with (it could be a Japanese-developed project). In this case, we can only speculate, as nothing is official.

Konami should have something to say soon: the announcement promised for the Tokyo Game Show was a remake of the first two episodes of Suikoden.

Source: Gematsu

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