Don’t Expect Company Of Heroes 3 This Year!

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have cancelled the previous release date of November 17.


The developer and publisher announced the postponement in a statement on Twitter. It reads: “As we approach the November 17 launch date for Company of Heroes 3, our team has decided the game is not quite up to our players’ or our high standards. There still are bugs to squash, pixels to polish, gameplay to adjust and feedback to address.

While we know, many of you are itching to get your hands on the game. As a result, we’ve decided to move the launch date to February 23, 2023. We believe this to be the best decision for Company of Heroes 3, our players and our studio. This gives our hard-working team and partners the necessary time to deliver Company of Heroes 3 in a better overall state. We are incredibly proud of the dedication our community has shown throughout CoH-Development. Your feedback has been critical in these last stages of development and will continue to be a driver for our team for years to come. Thank you for your support and patience,” Relic and SEGA wrote.

The first instalment of the real-time strategy franchise was released for PC in September 2006 (followed by an iPad port in February 2020, courtesy of Feral Interactive). Still, despite its success, the second instalment was a long time coming, with Company of Heroes 2 arriving on PC in June 2013, followed by an OS X and Linux port in August 2015. So it’s not a series that gets a new game every 3-4 years; at least seven years pass between episodes.

So with the delay, Company of Heroes 3 has joined the ranks of games that have slipped to 2023 with its PC (Steam) release on February 23, and as we head towards the end of the year, we’ll be hearing more and more titles delayed to next year.

Source: Gematsu

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