Would Nintendo Censors Have Declared War On “Adult” Games?!

One of the most well-known publishers of “adult” games claims that Nintendo’s bosses have rejected its upcoming titles.



Gamuzumi, the publisher of “amazing mature (LEWD) titles”, has released several adult-themed Nintendo Switch games in recent years, including Elves Fantasy Hentai Puzzle, Beauty Bounce and Inside Her (Bedroom).

However, the company says its next hentai-themed game, Hot Tentacles Shoot, has been rejected by Nintendo because it has reportedly updated its eShop’s stance on adult content.

“We received an answer from Nintendo and now we have a confirmation that they do not allow uncensored boobs on their consoles now,” the company said.

“Basically, obscene content could damage the brand and infringe its policies. This means that now all games with boobs nudity should be censored and that’s why our game (Hot Tentacles Shoot) was rejected in the first place.”

He added: “Also, our recently announced game, Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle, was also rejected due to having nudity. That’s all the info we have so far, we’ll try to send the games without nudity for approval again and see what they say and update the thread if necessary.”

If true, the new guidelines could mean that other publishers releasing adult content on Switch could soon be censoring their games.

Given that Nintendo has historically been strict about ensuring that its console libraries do not contain adult content, it may come as a surprise that these types of games have been allowed to be released on Switch at all.

A brief search of the Nintendo Switch eShop reveals that games such as Fantasy Tavern Sextet, Panty Party and DokiDoki Pants have been approved for release in the past. Last year, two puzzle games were also released on the Switch eShop, openly advertised as “playable with one hand”.

According to a Wall Street Journal report around the Switch’s launch, several Japanese developers claimed that Nintendo had expressed a willingness to release riskier or more violent titles that some would have expected to be blocked in the past.

In comparison, Sony has recently cracked down on sexually explicit games.

The most notable recent example of this was the censorship of some controversial scenes in Martha is Dead.

Ironically, given the historical reputations of the two companies, there have now been several examples of games with sexualised content censored on PlayStation consoles but released untouched on Switch.

Source: Hobbyconsolas

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