Our Facebook Feed Will Be Somewhat Customizable!

TECH NEWS – However, it will not affect those who don’t use the Feed.


Meta has introduced a feature that can help us see Facebook content relevant to us. It doesn’t mean that we’ll see significant changes, but it will teach the company’s algorithms (and they’d have a lot to learn from…) so that less content irrelevant to us will be thrown up by Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site. Meta has published a blog post about this AI move.

Alexandru Voica, Meta’s communications manager, summarized on Twitter: “Today, we’re announcing new ways to customize what you see in your Facebook Feed so you can discover what’s most relevant to you. You can select “Show more” or “Show less” on posts from the people and communities you’re connected to and posts that Facebook recommends to you. Selecting “Show more” will temporarily increase the ranking score for that post and posts like it. If you select “Show less,” you’ll temporarily decrease its ranking score. We are also testing this feature in Reels [on Instagram].

We’re making our AI systems more intelligent and responsive by offering ways to incorporate direct feedback into Feed ranking. Since our model learns to generalize well, we can use these signals to help improve Feeds for everyone, even if they haven’t used Show More/Less. You can read more on our blog about how we built an AI model that could interpret these signals and learn to generalize well for everyone on sparse data. We’re also continuing to explore ways to personalize how much content you see in Feed from the friends and family, Groups, Pages and public figures you’re connected to,” Voica wrote.

So the option won’t appear on every post, and we can only expect it periodically, though Meta is trying to put it in the top right-hand corner in the three-dot context menu. And those who don’t use the Feed are better off…

Source: WCCFTech

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