Need For Speed Unbound: New Technical Details Revealed By The Developers!

Electronic Arts and Criterion Games have spoken about the technical specifications of Need for Speed Unbound on the current console generation and much more.



After months of buzz and semi-unbelievable rumours, Need for Speed Unbound was officially unveiled a few days ago, promising a new era of NFS-style racing for all franchise fans. The game’s unique visual style will help it stand out in the market, and the developers promise that it will run very well on all platforms.

One of the biggest surprises of the Need for Speed Unbound unveiling was the game’s aesthetic style, which draws from cel-shaded media and perhaps even anime.

The developers have now officially confirmed that Unbound will continue to run on the Frostbite engine and that it will aim for the gold standard of 4K/60 FPS on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. It’s worth pointing out that no specifics were given on how Unbound will perform on Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S users probably have nothing to worry about, even if the console has seemingly been ignored regarding Unbound’s performance; the good news is that gamers can try NFS Unbound with Game Pass Ultimate. The game’s predecessor, Need for Speed Heat, used the same Frostbite engine and performed reasonably well across the board. Unbound is likely to follow suit, and with physics running at higher frame rates than ever, many of the game’s cars will be more fun to drive than ever before.

The developers at Criterion have still not commented on the complete list of cars in Need for Speed Unbound, which appears to be missing some essential models and manufacturers.

However, they did promise that thanks to the new and improved physics implementation, it will be much easier to feel the difference between driving a high-end Lamborghini and a standard Hyundai, for example.

Now that rumours about the anime elements of Need for Speed Unbound have been confirmed, it will be fascinating to see how the game looks and feels in motion. While arcade racing games often flirt with alternative visual styles, established IPs like Need for Speed rarely make such massive visual changes from one episode to the next. That alone should help Unbound make a name for itself when it hits stores on December 2.

Source: IGN

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