Meta Quest Pro: Details Finally Out – This New VR Wonder Won’t Be Cheap! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Meta Quest Pro, the highly anticipated virtual reality glasses, has been given a scary price tag after its official unveiling.



We knew that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) was working on a new virtual reality device. Now, we finally have the first details on the recently announced Meta Quest Pro, the “most advanced VR goggle to date”, which will welcome you with a new design, (supposedly) the best technology and a price that many will find unaffordable. What can we expect from this hardware?

The new Quest Pro is priced at a whopping €1799.





Meta promises sharper vision thanks to optical technology and patented Pancake lenses that “work by redirecting light into the optical module”. The US company reports that its VR-friendly LCD screen contains 37 per cent more pixels per inch and has 1.3 times wider colour gamut than the Meta Quest 2.

In addition to VR experiences, the new device aims to enhance high-resolution mixed reality to “easily interact with the virtual world without losing presence in physical space in high-resolution colour”. The technology is said to have “four times the resolution of Quest 2”.

The more sophisticated design of Meta’s new VR goggles also includes the new Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, which feature three cameras per controller and a Snapdragon 662 mobile processor to enjoy “360 degrees of range of motion”. If its previous peripherals stood out for the precision of its movements, these new devices aim to go a step further with merge or split functionality and TruTouch haptic responses.





Quest Pro aims to boost high-resolution mixed reality

On the other hand, when using virtual reality, one of the biggest concerns for consumers is whether they will end up with a headache or a sore eye. To avoid this, Meta has committed to a customized DIP range of 55-75 mm, which improves visual sharpness and reduces eye fatigue through continuous adjustments.

“The level of immersion in virtual reality is tailored to you: you can use fully open peripheral vision, partially block it (included with the device), or opt for a fully immersive experience (included) in virtual reality,” reads the official website.




“The level of immersion in virtual reality is tailored to you”, Meta

Just a few weeks ago, there were controversial statements from a PlayStation executive that PS VR games would not be compatible with PSVR2, but the opposite will be valid for the Meta Quest Touch Pro. “You’ll still have access to the Meta Quest 2 app catalogue and can enjoy your favourite games, entertainment apps and more,” says Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Source: Meta

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