PlayStation Stars Has Arrived In Europe – Here’s Everything You Need To Know! [VIDEO]

Finally, PlayStation Stars is freely available in Europe: here are all the benefits for PS4 and PS5 users.



PlayStation has a reputation for being a big supporter of user-friendly initiatives. As well as PS Plus, which we’ve been enjoying for a few months now, it’s also working on a PlayStation Stars loyalty programme, which has just arrived in Europe for PS4 and PS5. To get the community ready, Sony has shared the first details and collection points for the service, and now we can dive deeper into the benefits thanks to the final launch.

All you need to participate in PlayStation Stars is an adult PlayStation Network account.

Starting with the benefits, PlayStation Stars users will be able to earn two types of rewards: loyalty points and digital collectibles. Loyalty points can be redeemed for PSN wallet funds, PlayStation Store products and exclusive collections. PS Plus subscribers who purchase through PlayStation Digital Store will also be able to earn additional points. It’s important to note that the programme is free and does not require a PS Plus subscription, although players wishing to sign up must have an adult PlayStation Network account.

Turning straight to the nature of the points, Sony has made it clear from the outset that they do not rely on blockchain technology. In short, it’s about digital representations of elements that reflect PlayStation’s history and characters that players can recognise. PlayStation Stars contains different types of collectibles of varying rarity and allows them to be arranged in a display case within the PlayStation app.

PlayStation Stars also includes the most controversial incentive in Europe.

In addition to what has been said so far, it is worth pointing out that Sony’s service includes one of the aspects that has attracted the most attention from Japanese and American audiences since the launch of PlayStation Stars on their territory. We are talking about the highest benefit, level 4, which gives priority when chatting with customer service, which many users consider to be an unfair advantage.

After all, the complaints in Japan and North and South America remind us that not all gamers have the time/money to invest in their consoles. Thus, users criticise PlayStation’s decision to exclude those who cannot earn achievements or buy games from the digital store. These are necessary conditions to reach the highest level of PlayStation Stars. The Japanese company has not yet commented on the matter, but it seems that this advantage will remain.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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