Gotham Knights: Forget About 60 FPS!

It’s unbelievable: WB Games Montreal has announced that the game will not have a performance-oriented graphics mode, even though all AAA games nowadays have one!


It was first revealed on the ResetEra forum that the PlayStation 5 version of Gotham Knights will only allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and HDR in the graphics settings. The user added that the DC comic universe-based game would not run at 60 frames per second. The user reportedly received a copy of the game before launch, which also required a large patch, so don’t be surprised if we’ll get a significant update to start life post-Batman in Gotham City…

Then on the official Gotham Knights Discord, a WB Games Montreal spokesperson wrote: “I know many of you are wondering about the availability of a performance mode for Gotham Knights on consoles. Due to the features in our game, like providing a fully untethered co-op experience in our highly detailed open world, it’s not as straightforward as lowering the resolution and getting a higher FPS. For this reason, our game does not have a performance/quality toggle and will run at 30 FPS on consoles.”

In addition, the studio confirmed that the game will also get a new four-player co-op mode called Heroic Assault shortly after its release. According to the Canadian team, “Heroic Assault is an upcoming gameplay mode separate from the main story campaign. The standalone mode supports up to four players in online co-op. It provides a dedicated arena-like environment with specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat on each floor (30 floors total).”

Gotham Knights will be released on October 21 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (with Denuvo), following the cancellation of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. A release date for the Heroic Assault mode is also known: expect it on November 29, barring further complications, leading to a potential delay to 2023. Still, the lack of 60 FPS is sad…

Source: WCCFTech

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