Hellraiser: Jamie Clayton’s Transformation Into Pinhead in a Timelapse Video [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – A behind-the-scenes timelapse video of Hulu’s Hellraiser shows Jamie Clayton transforming into Pinhead in the makeup chair.


Jamie Clayton’s transformation into Pinhead for Hulu’s new Hellraiser took no less than four hours, and you can see the process from start to finish in a new behind-the-scenes video. The timelapse video begins with the actress wearing no make-up, then wearing a full Pinhead look, showing the complete transformation. You can watch the video below.

“It takes four hours to do the makeup and about 45 minutes and an hour to remove the makeup,” Clayton explained in the featurette. “It has a lot of prosthetics and the dress is very heavy, very tight and very uncomfortable”.

Then he immediately added: “But she’s so beautiful. And so wild.”

Clayton’s role in the film marks his debut as Pinhead, joining Doug Bradley, Stephan Smith Collins and Paul T. Taylor as the fourth to play the role. While the Hulu film introduces a new Pinhead, the film will see the return of franchise creator Clive Barker, who served as producer on the film. Directed by David Bruckner from a screenplay by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. The new cast also includes Odessa A’zion, Brandon Flynn, Goran Visnjic, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison and Aoife Hinds.

Makeup is only half of the transformation


Four hours in the makeup chair and Jamie Clayton will look like Pinhead, but to really get into the character, the actress has to get into the character mentally. In a previous interview with Screen Rant, Clayton talked about how putting needles in his face was only half of the process of getting into character. He also had to put himself inside the mind of the Cenobite, which involved isolating himself from the crew and focusing only on thinking like Pinhead.

“Once I put on the makeup and everything, it was a double-edged sword to get there mentally and physically,” Clayton said. “The dress and the neck and the fit, it all helps me get there physically. But David and I talked a lot about the intentions of the priest and what he might be thinking or feeling in different scenes with different characters. We talked about them a lot , so I was able, so to speak, to mentally prepare for the day as I go in through the make-up.”

She went on to explain: “And then when the necklace goes on, I’m in it, so to speak. From the minute I step out of the makeup trailer, I’m really in it the whole time on set. I’m very quiet and I isolate myself. I really just I talked to David during the shoot, then to Sierra in a corner.”

Hellraiser is now streaming on Hulu. After a strong debut, the film received a lot of praise from critics and horror fans alike, with many calling it the best film in the franchise since Clive Barker’s original. The future of the franchise is still uncertain, but due to the positive reception, there’s a good chance we won’t see the last of Clayton Pinhead.

Source: MovieWeb


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