Breaking: Silent Hill 2 Remake Has Finally Been Announced, But There’s Bad News! [VIDEO]

Konami has finally officially announced the Silent Hill 2 remake, confirming the development studio and that the game will be a PS5 exclusive.



After years of rumours and speculation, Konami has officially announced the Silent Hill 2 remake. They have confirmed the studio behind the project and that the game will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. Konami kicked off the Silent Hill event with a big announcement, where footage of the game was shown, while the developers also gave a sneak peek at the project’s content.

The Silent Hill 2 remake is being developed by Bloober Team, the studio known for games such as Layers of Fear and The Medium.

The Medium itself shared many similarities with the classic Silent Hill games. The development seems to be in good hands. Original artist Masahiro Ito and original composer Akira Yamaoka are involved in the game’s development. The remake will likely be faithful to the original game but with updated graphics and essential changes to meet modern standards. Examples include moving to an over-the-shoulder camera and using motion capture for animations.

In the trailer, protagonist James Sunderland explores the eerie town of Silent Hill. With updated visuals, Silent Hill fans can also see what some of the game’s iconic creatures look like. For example, the creepy nurses and, of course, the Pyramid Head. No release date has been announced, but fans can expect this title to be the first release in Konami’s attempt to revive the long-dormant horror franchise.

Those following the leaks and rumours of Silent Hill 2 will not be surprised by much of the information.

It has long been rumoured that Akira Yamaoka is composing the music for the Silent Hill 2 remake and that the Bloober Team is developing the game. However, it seems that not all the leaked information was accurate. For example, it was rumoured that it would be an episodic game. Although this is still possible, it was not announced at the event.

It was also leaked recently that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be a PS5 console exclusive, so there are no surprises. However, some Xbox gamers may be rightly disappointed, regardless. In any case, not much has been revealed about the game yet. For example, when fans will be able to play it. Hopefully, they won’t have to wait too much longer for more information.


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