Silent Hill News: Ascension, Townfall And f In The Making [VIDEO]

Not only is the Silent Hill 2 Remake official (after Konami screwed up the broadcast and made it immediately available, which you could instantly rewind into…), but other projects got confirmed, too.


Genvid, Behaviour Interactive (Dead By Daylight), Bad Robot Games (J.J. Abrams’ company) and dj2 Entertainment are working on Silent Hill: Ascension, where the community of players will shape Silent Hill’s canon “forever” in a new interactive streaming series. A little more about the project was shared by Silent Hill: Ascension producer Jacob Navok:

“For over 20 years, Silent Hill has haunted my memories. Lately, I enjoy watching streamers playing Silent Hill with their fans. We love the feeling of being scared together, of experiencing fear with friends. It’s why watching horror films in a theatre is so fun. Silent Hill: Ascension takes that feeling of collective fear to a massive scale. It’s a live, real-time interactive series where millions of fans will watch together as the chilling story unfolds. You can change its outcomes and even be a part of the scenes. There is no reset button. The decisions that you make mean life or death in the story. It’s your chance to shape the Silent Hill canon forever.

MILEs (Massively Interactive Live Events) are cloud-powered, highly engaging live broadcast events that allow audiences of any size to have meaningful interactions with the content being streamed. With MILEs, you can reach and monetize brand new audiences with a simple but engaging set of experiences which combine the most compelling aspects of games and broadcast media,” says Navok.

Annapurna Interactive will publish Silent Hill: Townfall, a game from Scotland’s No Code (Stories Untold, Observation). In the teaser trailer, someone interrogates someone so they could be trapped and about to be punished for some horrific act. There’s a good chance the protagonist is present. Water washes up on the shore so the game could be set on some island or beach, and an old portable TV shows up. This game could be episodic, as former rumours mentioned it. Silent Hill: Townfall creative director Jon McKellan said about the game:

“For us to work on this game with our friends at Annapurna feels like an actual dream come true. It’s a real honour for us to bring a new title to this series that respects the source material and does something a little bit different with it. To say that Silent Hill has been an inspiration to No Code would be a massive understatement. Our previous two games, “Stories Untold” and “Observation”, both played with that same deep psychological horror. And at No Code, we’re all about weaving that narrative and that experience into every aspect of our game design, audio, visuals, and UI. The teaser trailer is just the beginning, and… we can’t show you more just yet.” They’ll show more in 2023.

Finally, Silent Hill f (yes, with a small F…), which Taiwan’s NeoBards Entertainment is working on. It’s a bit brave that while they’re already nearly a year and a half late with Resident Evil: Re:Verse (unless they announce in tonight’s Resident Evil broadcast that, whoops, it’s out…), they’ve already started on another game. Ryukishi07 writes the story. The characters and creature design is done by Kera and produced by Motoi Okamoto (the ex-Nintendo veteran might slam the devs’ table if things don’t go as they should). The official description is: “Silent Hill f will be a completely new story set in 1960s Japan featuring a beautiful yet horrifying world. Written by Ryukishi07, famed for Japanese visual novels dealing with murder mysteries, psychological and supernatural horror.”

Silent Hill: Ascension has a high chance of launching in 2023, Silent Hill: Townfall has no release date (No Code is hard at work on it) and no target platforms, and the same situation applies to Silent Hill f.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech, WCCFTech

Silent Hill: Ascension

Silent Hill: Townfall

Silent Hill f

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