The most beloved film of the year, some people are still hooked on it

CINEMA NEWS – All critics speak in superlatives about Mrs. From the English comedy Harris Goes to Paris. “My favorite movie of the year.” “Check this out, if you get up on the left foot, you’ll feel better right away.” “It exudes good old British humor and charm.” “A tearfully perfect evocation of an era that now seems happy.” “The main character Lesley Manville is simply impossible to catch.” Such ratings are flying around in the world press, and on the Rottentomatoes criticism portal the film stands at 95 percent.


The story in a nutshell: an English cleaning lady sees a collection of Dior clothes at one of her employers, decides to have one for herself, and overcomes many obstacles to make her dream come true.

The film received only one negative review, in the English newspaper Evening Standard. The organ is a conservative-leaning, free-circulation paper in and around London. Although it is a regional publication, its influence is significant due to the size of London and the agglomeration. The owner is Russian oligarchy Aleksandr Lebegyev.

The critic of the strongly right-wing paper accuses the film of making fun of the English working class. According to the author, Tanya Gold, the film is not really about this, but the American writer Paul Gallico, whose novel was published in 1958. Gold believes that Gallico had no idea about the English, so he portrays the members of the working class as noble, naive savages, one of whose representatives goes to Paris and gives a lesson in humanity and goodness to the puffed-up French snobs.

The review received two comments in 8 days, both commenters say that Tanya shouldn’t have pushed herself so hard on a well-intentioned, escapist film, and that she shouldn’t have done her daily routine right before falling asleep penzum.

(Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris – domestic premiere: October 20, 2022)

Source: UIP-Duna Film

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