Sony’s Art Studio Is Working With Naughty Dog On An Unannounced AAA Game

PlayStation Studios Visual Arts is a crucial member of Sony’s family of studios for animation, motion capture, cinematics, art, and scanning. Now they’re working on something with Naughty Dog.


The tasks mentioned in the previous sentence were tied to Visual Arts in The Last of Us games, so you can’t go past the studio without saying it. However, their hard work is slowly becoming profitable for them, as they have again started working with Naughty Dog and a brand new in-house PlayStation Studios development team to create a yet-to-be-announced AAA game. Unfortunately, we have yet to learn much about this project (and probably won’t until Sony officially confirms it…).

On the ResetEra forum, a job advertisement for a senior producer position () showed up. PlayStation Global put up the job offer, which tells us it will be a highly visible project with a clear vision and plan to release. So the new PlayStation Studios in-house team will develop the game with Visual Arts and Naughty Dog. Still, we don’t know how significant a role ND will play, but as the studio that created the Uncharted and The Last of Us IPs have been named, perhaps one of those two IPs could be involved.

The yet-to-be-announced AAA game could be another live service product. Still, it certainly won’t be The Last of Us multiplayer game (it’s no coincidence that The Last of Us: Part II didn’t have the Factions game mode: Naughty Dog’s concept grew and so it was split off the game), because Sony has already talked about that. Uncharted IP will get a similar live service product because Sony wants to release 12 live service games by 2025 and has been increasing its investment in that direction on PC and mobile lately.

It’s not official yet, but the job posting alone is suspicious.

Source: PSL

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