Jordan Peele, Director Of Us And Nope Might Make A Video Game?! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Following his guest appearance on Hideo Kojima’s new Spotify podcast, Jordan Peele has revealed in an interview that he would like to make a video game.



Jordan Peele has expressed his interest in making video games after a conversation with industry legend Hideo Kojima. Kojima’s Spotify podcast featured a guest appearance from the renowned comedian and filmmaker. Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding, is almost three years old. Many are wondering what his second project with Kojima Productions will be. Kojima is tight-lipped and secretive. However, he’s quenching the thirst of dedicated fans with an exclusive Spotify series where he discusses all things gaming.

Throughout the podcast, Kojima is free to delve into his obscure and esoteric practices, often inviting guests to explore topics related to the video game industry, storytelling and everything in between.

The final episode in September featured actor, comedian and filmmaker Jordan Peele, who is highly regarded and respected for his work in comedy and horror. Most recently, he achieved success as the writer and director of Nope.

During an interview with ComingSoon, Peele was asked about his appearance on Kojima’s podcast. He was asked if he would be interested in working in an “interactive medium” such as video games. Peele replied, “absolutely. I do love games.” Then went on to say that he appreciates video game storytelling and how effectively it can capture the empathy that is essential to so many narratives. Peele made sure to end his reaction with a firm “yes is the answer.”

Peele and Kojima’s conversation began with the two creators expressing mutual respect for each other.

The filmmaker looks to the Japanese creative as an inspiration. And the game icon, Kojima, hailed films such as Get Out, Us and Nope as a break with the tradition of modern cinema, which he said often lacked characters and themes, being too similar in “story, rhythm, tone”.

Little is known about Kojima’s forthcoming titles. Still, it is known that the epoch-making artist is collaborating with Xbox. One particular title is expected to use cloud technology in a way that goes far beyond anything the industry has seen before. Rumours are that it’s a horror title, and it’s being developed under the working title Overdose. No official information is available at this time. What may be a little more concrete is that Norman Reedus has apparently leaked the existence of a Death Stranding sequel. But we can’t talk about an official announcement here, either.

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