Forspoken: Latest Gameplay Trailer Focuses On “Magic Parkour” [VIDEO]

The magic of Forspoken will be vital in exploring the open world.



Although we still have months to wait for Forspoken, Square Enix leaves nothing to chance. They’re trying to show the audience the protagonist’s abilities and the world he’s about to enter. Previous gameplays have shown us, for example, the mission system and the interactions between the protagonist Frey and the NPCs in the area. But the developers at Luminous Productions have decided to promote their game with an exceptional concept: the “magic parkour”.

As has been mentioned several times, the protagonist of Forspoken will be able to use various magical abilities to move nimbly around Athia.

That’s according to the latest gameplay released by Square Enix. It details some of Frey’s spells for travelling in the open world or fighting dangerous enemies. Below is the list of moves confirmed in the trailer.

  • Flow: helpful in moving at high speed.
  • Rush: an energy burst used to increase speed and replenish your stamina bar.
  • Shimmy: an acceleration that gets you off the ground.
  • Float: to prevent injury from falling.
  • Glide: for crossing water surfaces such as rivers or lakes.
  • Zip: a quick loop to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Soar: for climbing vertical structures in successive jumps.
  • Scale: allows you to jump in the air, avoiding enemy attacks.


In addition, Square Enix’s video also highlights stamina consumption during each spell. However, you’ll also be able to complete magical challenges to earn upgrade points for each ability. These can reduce the amount of stamina needed to perform them and speed up the rate of energy recovery.

The developers have repeatedly claimed that the game will have a ‘satisfying’ end-game so that you can expect a challenging adventure. We’ll have to wait until 24 January to solve the puzzles, when the game will be available on PC and PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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