Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: Fewer But Unique-Feeling Cars

Kylotonn (=KT Racing) and Nacon won’t be offering a ton of cars in the new instalment of the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited, but they don’t think all cars will feel the same on the track.


Forza Horizon has taken the place of 2006’s Test Drive Unlimited, the first example of an open-world racing game, but Ubisoft’s The Crew could also be mentioned. However, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown seeks to take back the throne, and the game’s creative director Alain Jarniou has spoken about it in a new interview.

For example, he mentioned why the range of cars would be lower than in, say, Forza Horizon 5: “In Forza Horizon, you do a Wheelspin, and you get two cars. Or you do a mission, and you get another car. You’ve got lots of cars in your garage. But you don’t work for it. In Test Drive Unlimited, there are fewer cars, but you choose these cars. Your relationship with your garage is stronger in Test Drive Unlimited than in any other game. You must earn money to buy the cars of your dreams. You spend time with your car, upgrading it, playing with it, and showing it off with other players,” said Jarniou.

He explained why they were cutting back on the car offer: “The idea is to be more simulation than The Crew or Forza Horizon, which are quite arcade-ey. Part of driving enjoyment is having something realistic but not a simulation. But we want to give players the freedom to tweak driving aids to get something closer to simulation. I want this feeling of driving the right cars with the right feelings to be stronger in Test Drive Unlimited than in Forza Horizon. It won’t be a racing simulation – it will be a driving simulation. When you are in a Ferrari or a [Volkswagen] Beetle, it’s not the same experience. You will feel it. That’s important when you love cars – you want to feel the difference between them,” Jarniou added.

Test Drive Unlimited’s Solar Crown Hong Kong will be much smaller (30 square kilometres) than the island of Oahu (600 square kilometres) seen in the first episode. Still, it will be more dense and geographically varied in return. The game will arrive in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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