Superman: Henry Cavill Praises Classic John Williams Theme

MOVIE NEWS – Actor Henry Cavill , the Superman of the DC Universe , commented in a recent interview on the importance of the character’s iconic classic theme, composed by John Williams .


In an interview with Cinemablend , Cavill spoke about the character’s classic theme, which he played into in his appearance in the post-credits scene of Black Adam , and how the melody is still recognized around the world.

Check out what Henry Cavill stated about the classic Superman theme below:

“John Williams’ theme song is obviously incredibly important to the character,” said Cavill. “It’s something that resonates with the character and every time I think anyone in the world hears that, I think a big part of the world that hears it will immediately recognize him as Superman and feel a certain way about it, and I think that it is wonderful.”

The actor continued, also highlighting the qualities of Hans Zimmer ‘s score in 2013’s ” Man of Steel “.

“But at the same time, equally, I think Hans Zimmer’s ‘Man of Steel’ score was just as wonderful. I have incredibly powerful feelings about it because I remember watching the trailer, the first teasers came out, and I was sitting there with my friend and we were both so excited about it and the way the soundtrack plays. Both are incredibly powerful in their own way and both are so iconic to the character. It was a pleasure to be back in costume, whether it’s John Williams or Hans Zimmer, they’re both extraordinary, extraordinary artists.”

It is clear that the former DCEU has been struggling to find solid ground for some time, with no real direction or cohesion. With the appointments of James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-CEOs of the newly formed DC Studios, and a central storyline featuring the upcoming clash between Black Adam and Superman, the DCU may soon be on the road to recovery. Amidst all this change, the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman seems to be the biggest steadying factor for the franchise, especially with others like Ben Affleck’s Batman reportedly leaving the franchise next year.

Source: MovieWeb

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